Commonly used industrial grade super five network cable:

1、Super shield protection 

In the face of interference sources in the industrial sector, the aluminum foil/braided dual shielding structure and PUR sheath resistant to ultraviolet radiation and oil lubricants are ideal for industrial Ethernet applications with strong EMI/RFI interference.

2、Moisture and UV resistance 

The cables feature a PE or TPE sheath with moisture and UV resistance to protect outdoor cables from moisture and sun damage.

Some of these models even allow direct burial, while others have glue-free models suitable for cellular base station wiring. In addition, most models feature solid wires that are easily terminated to IDC connectors and card connectors and are ideal for PoE power supply.

3、High flexibility anticorrosion and oil resistance 

This unique series of ultra-flexible Category 5 shielded wires is designed for environments where normal cables are not capable and can withstand harsh operating conditions. It does not break down when exposed to oil lubricants, making it ideal for robot control systems on the factory floor. After testing, this series of cables can also withstand 10 million bends.

→ Of course, it may be in the industrial field, may not be exposed to particularly bad use scenarios, generally choose this type of network cable will first consider the shielded or unshielded type:

1、Industrial grade over Category 5 shielded network cables 

Shielded twisted pair with aluminum foil shielding layer and ground wire can effectively resist electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) encountered in the application environment. If there is strong interference in the application, aluminum foil and braided layer double shielding model can be selected. Flame retardant series with 24 AWG single strand wire.

2、Industrial grade over Category 5 unshielded network cables

Unshielded twisted pair wire is also the most widely used network connection wire due to its advantages of cost saving and convenient assembly.