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Commonly used industrial grade super five network cable

Commonly used industrial grade super five network cable: 1、Super shield protection  In the face of interference sources in the industrial sector, the aluminum foil/braided dual shielding structure and PUR sheath resistant to ultraviolet radiation and oil lubricants are ideal for industrial Ethernet applications with strong EMI/RFI interference. 2、Moisture and UV resistance  The cables feature a PE [...]

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Industrial Robot Cable

(一)Industrial robot cable is one of the basic guarantees for the normal operation of robots, and plays a crucial role in the efficient, safe and reliable operation of the whole system. (二)Main features: Industrial robot wiring harness is generally a combination of multi-plug, multi-harness, and equipped with different electronic components. Strong resistance to fatigue, wear resistance, super [...]

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RF cable

Radio frequency cable, the full name of radio frequency coaxial cable, is a transmission cable widely used in fields such as radio communications, radar and television broadcasting. It consists of inner conductor, insulation layer, outer conductor and shielding layer, etc., and has good electrical and mechanical properties. In various electronic devices, RF cables are responsible for [...]

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Servo Cable

(一)servo cable is a kind of electrical connector commonly used in modern industry, which plays an important role in automation equipment and mechanical systems. By transmitting signals and power to the individual components, the servo harness enables the device to accurately execute instructions and achieve precise control. (二)Adam main servo cable products 1、Servo Encoder Cable The [...]

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Code reader cable

In modern society, the progress of science and technology makes our lives more convenient and efficient. Among them, the reader cable, as an important connection device, plays a key role. It acts as a bridge for data transmission, connecting various devices, so that information can be quickly circulated in various fields.   Reader cables are commonly [...]

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Machine vision cable

Machine vision technology plays an increasingly important role in modern industrial production, automation systems, and artificial intelligence. With the continuous development of science and technology, machine vision lines have emerged, bringing revolutionary changes to all walks of life. Machine vision cables are a technical application that combines machine vision technology with production lines. It mainly uses [...]

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ADAMICU’s 2019 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

China Public Holidays—Chinese Spring Festival ADAMICU's holiday time is from January 31st to February 10th, during which time the warehouse will stop shipping. We will resume normal operation on February 11th, Please note. In 2018, we thank all our customers who support ADAMICU. In 2019, ADAMICU's team will continue to serve you.

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What are the requirements for using the robot cable

The cable used by the robot is very demanding, not only has a strong signal transmission capability, but also has good wear resistance and other characteristics, in order to ensure that the robot plays a better role. Many people don't know about robot cables, so let's take a look at what are the requirements for robot [...]

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Market Opportunities and Challenges for Industrial Robots

  Since 2017, more and more capital has begun to pay attention to the field of industrial robots. Industry financing news has also frequently screened, capital and entrepreneurs have poured into this original “traditional” industry. This article is based on two aspects of industrial robots' industry opportunities and challenges. Industrial robot development ushers in the golden [...]

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The tide of industrial robots is approaching, where is the cable/connector road in China?

According to the relevant statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, China's industrial robots increased by 33.7% in the first five months of 2018. It can be seen that the proportion of industrial robots in industrial production is constantly increasing, and the market demand is increasing year by year. In the future, the replacement of labor [...]

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