industrial camera cable

Camera link cable is one of the kinds of industrial camera cable.

What is camera link cable ? This product is mainly used for the connection between industrial camera and image acquisition card of high speed Cameralink interface in foreign countries.In addition,the customized industrial camera cable to show the characteristics of multi specification, multi application.

The development of industrial camera cable has been greatly improved.The data output interface of digital camera with less number of lines, connecting more easy to manufacture, it is more general, and the transmission distance of data transmission farther than ordinary,data transmission rate of the camera is greatly improved.

GiGE camera cable is one of the kinds of industrial camera cable.

What is GIGE camera cable? This products are used in all industrial cameras that use Ethernet interface standards.Some product features: with screw locking solid, using industrial Ethernet cable, so that the product is suitable for high speed mobile environment towline connecting camera with the host, but also for the static camera is connected with the host, the product performance is stable and reliable.

We are about to introduce the two categories of industrial camera cable, industrial camera cable is known as the camera visual cable, visible industrial camera cable to the visual effects!Now,ADAMICU is provide industrial camera cable.ADAMICU is a leading China producer and international supplier of camera Link,IEEE 1394, USB, GigE cable for the industrial machine vision market.

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Machine Vision Cable Camera Link Cable IEEE 1394 Firewire Cable Gigabit Ethernet Cable Hirose Cable
Standarded industrial camera vision cables for moving Machine , Camera Link cables for high speed digital cameras. And the size can be customized. Camera Link cables for high speed digital cameras. Offer system versatility and convenience when required to extend your current cable length. For high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data transfer, adamicucable , and with the highest quality shielding to protect your high speed data connections Flame retardant , and providing additional mechanically protection still maintaining the flexibility of the cable. 12Pin male to female pvc flexible cable custom cable assemblies , high flex cable  structure in line with Camera Link specification,and high flex cable  in USB cable.
Camera USB Cable SCSI Cables High Flex Cable Waterproof Cable Custom Cable Assemblies
It provides a consistent electrical performance, compared with the alternative cable, low attenuation during bending, up to 10 meters. Mainly used for small high-speed bus connection between computer and intelligent peripherals, high-speed transmission and SCSI application related mission critical data integrity. high flex cable  structure in line with Camera Link specification,and high flex cable  in USB cable. The fiber is non-conductive and can be protected from inrush current , and the technology to solve the problem To provide customized services, to the best possible price to provide quality products.





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