IEEE1394 Firewire cable

IEEE1394 Firewire cable

IEEE 1394 was founded by Apple, other manufacturers have been authorized production.IEEE1394 is a high-speed transmission cable .Using the IEEE1394 Firewire cable can solve all kinds of the technology questions.

The original design of IEEE 1394, is its high-speed transfer rates,IEEE 1394 inherited mature SCSI command system, and therefore the transmission efficiency and stability are very high.

The differernt between the scis and IEEE Firewire cable :

Serial interfaces have a number of advantages over parallel SCSI, including higher data rates, simplified cabling, longer reach, and improved fault isolation.Scis cable has developed , It continues to improve and improve, and now SCSI cable has been widely applicable to all aspects of industry, industrial technology to solve a lot of problems, to bring us high quality products.

IEEE 1394 Firewire cable has its advantage.

  • Firstly,Control over connection.
  • The second, Hot-swapped.At the last Power through the port.Check out the relative speeds of the different types of ports, and you’ll see a big attraction of FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt connections.

IEEE1394 Firewire cableIEEE1394 Firewire cable

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