This article mainly explains the Panasonic AC servo motor MINAS A5II/A5 series servo motor cable selection description , although it is mainly for the A5 series servo products , but plug of other Panasonic servo products is the same , This article is the description of the servo motor encoder cable and power cable.

Panasonic Encoder Cable Number Description:

Servo Motor Cable Selection (1)




Introduction of the driver connector:  IEEE 1394 6p connector, the model: 3E206-010KV, the manufacturer is: Sumitomo 3M or equivalent

Encoder Connector:

A: TE Connectivity Ltd—AMP connector6p or 9p

J:japan Aviation Electronics Industry,Ltd(JAE)- JN6 Series 7 pin

K: japan Aviation Electronics Industry,Ltd(JAE)

S: MS3108 17pin

T: japan Aviation Electronics Industry,Ltd (JAE)- circular connector JN2D 10p


Cable Type:

E: Oki Electronic cable Co. PVC Cable With Shieled

M: Hitachi cable ltd

T: Hitachi cable ltd

Encoder conventional plug:

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Panasonic motor-brake cable number description:

Servo Motor Cable Selection (3)


  1. There are several situations for different motors, power cable and brake cable;
  2. Some motors do not have a braking system, so only the power cable;
  3. Some motor power cable and brake cable belong to the same cable, the motor only have an interface ;
  4. Some motor power cable and brake cable are separated at the host end, and the cable are also separated.
  5. The plug of the power cable and the brake motor end is similar to the plug of the encoder cable encoder side, except that the number of cores will be different, and the letters represented by the numbers are different.

Motor-Brake Cable Conventional Plug:

Servo Motor Cable Selection (4)

Through the above introduction, If know about Panasonic servo motor cable selection, we will keep updating in the next article. Pay attention Adam Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., we will become a partner one day!