camera link specification, camera link protocol is an interface protocol that includes standardized interconnects between cameras and framegrabbers. Camera Link is a hardware specification that standardizes the connection for vision cabling systems. It is based on an implementation of National Semiconductor’s Channel Link technology. The Camera Link standard was developed with the participation of several camera, frame grabber, and cable manufacturers, and defines a standard connector for both the frame grabber and the camera, which ensures that products bearing the Camera Link logo are interchangeable.It defines a complete interface which includes provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications, and real time signaling to the camera.

camera link specification

camera link speed was built for real time, high bandwidth (maximum 850 MB/s) parallel communication. It is a well-established and proven industry standard, there are hundreds of Camera Link products on the market today. These compliant products are interoperable, providing users with the flexibility to choose the best product for their needs without worrying about compatibility between different manufacturers. Camera Link has GenICam support for plug and play interoperability.

camera cable connector types

  • Mini Camera Link
  • Power Over
    • Power Over Camera Link
    • Power Over Camera Link Lite
    • Power Over Mini Camera Link
  • Extension
    • Camera Link
    • Mini Camera Link
    • Power Over Camera Link
    • Power Over Camera Link Lite extension cable
    • Power Over Mini Camera Link
  • Specialty
    • Camera Link HS
    • OptiLink Fiber Optic Extension System
    • 38999 Mil-Spec Connector

Vision Camera Cables

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camera link medium/full configuration

The Camera Link specification includes higher-bandwidth configurations that provide additional video data paths over a second connector/cable. The “Medium” configuration doubles the video bandwidth, adding 24 bits of data and the same 4 framing/enable bits present in the “Base” configuration. This yields a 48-bit wide video data path capable of throughput up to 4.08 Gbit/s (510 MB/s). The “Full” configuration adds another 16-bits to the data path, resulting in a 64-bit wide video path that can carry 5.44Gbit/s (680 MB/s).

camera link interface standard specification

camera link standard specification is maintained by the AIA. The introduction of the Camera Link Interface Standard (1.0) was released in October 2000. Revision 1.1 was adopted in January 2004, with expanded software function support. The standard committee adopted version 1.2 in January 2007, introducing mini SDR (“Shrunk D Ribbon”) connectors (SDR-26) and power over Camera Link (POCL). Annex D of revision 1.2 adds mechanical and electrical descriptions to the standard, especially cable performance. Annex E of revision 1.2 lists requirements of POCL equipment. Camera Link 2.0 was released in November 2011.

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